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Welcome to World Poker Forum, I John, I wanted to create a platform for like-minded gambling enthusiasts to enjoy Poker content and with World poker forums we believe we have done that. With 25 years plus combined experience in the gaming industry i decided to start streaming poker gameplay in the hope of being relatively entertaining and to be fair it’s working out quite well. World poker forums streaming channels have gone from strength to strength.

We like to think that we have become a trustworthy source and hub for online casino and only promote the most reputable and regulated brands. Our mission at World Poker Forums since our start has been to provide our readers with updated information on online Poker and Poker games.

We at the World Poker Forums strive to provide the best user experience for individuals who need a break from their monotonous lives by entering the world of casinos. Cause online poker are the place where dreams can turn to reality in a split-second. World Poker Forums serves as a website which not only helps you understand Poker, casinos and other online games, it also provides you with a list of options where you can directly play the game from.

We as humans understand the joy and power of success, hence we offer you the internet casinos which help you win more! We would never settle for less, and we haven’t. Since the past few years, we have maintained a standard in the industry being well-known in imparting knowledge as well as an opportunity to experience victory.

- John