5 Must-Read Books for Learning How to Gamble


Do you still remember the days when going to school and gaining knowledge was possible by the means of books? A lot of things have changed since those times, the traditional books were replaced by eBooks’, less and less people pay a visit to the libraries and other happenings that have lead us to the 21st century. We’re living modern times and maybe this is the reason everything that was traditional has lost its value. Take the poker for example, since the dawn of the internet era these gambling facilities became depopulated and to tell you the truth the only reason why they stick advertisement on their windows and doors is to seal off curious spectators. The only thing that these could discover is the scarcity of people who attend them during the day.

More and more people resort to a modern invention, courtesy of high-tech software: which is nothing else but the online poker. Whether you are an old school gambler who favors the poker or an up to date guy who enjoys the experience of the online poker, you had better be prepared for the confrontation.

Your own experience is not enough sometimes. You must open your mind and sink in secrets of recognized experts so you can maximize your winnings. Getting the most out of the game is the dream of any of us. Those who want to experience more than just a mere dream should travel back in time and discover the Book. It was the printing machine that revolutionized the way we perceive our existence and as far as I can tell, it will be the number one odd enhancing device within the trickiest online poker.

If nothing else then make some time for the next few books and increase your chances whenever entering a poker.

1. “How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines! … Or Lose Trying” -Frank Legato

A book written by a poker player, an expert in slots and one-armed bandits. The style of the book is funny and informative, a story of 20 years of playing and betting. Find out how slots work, which ones are most profitable, facts and myths. Avoiding phony machines at every poker, expert strategies for winning more, maximizing returns, and that`s not all.

2. “Break the One-Armed Bandits” – Frank Scoblete

The book is an interactive ride through the beginning of slots up to 1994, advices about stretching the house edge, detecting „loose” machines, tournaments, games scams and avoiding mail order.

3. “Gambling teachers E-book” – Gayle Mitchell

77 lessons about how to win, by 7 experts, in PDF format. Chapters like Blackjack, Craps, Poker-7 games, Slots, Ningo & Keno, Roullete, Bacarat& European Games, Sports betting, gambling Strategies- tips , Online gambling and a blog for every online poker player.

4. “Powerful Profits from Casino Slots” – Victor Royer

If you already know the strategies, make change by learning to play the exciting casino slots. Royer shares fantastic advices on how to play and win at common casino slot games like Jeopardy and other online poker versions.

5. “Slot Machine Buyer’s Handbook” – David Saul

Advices about what to buy and how to avoid mistakes and gain confidence. Includes the Collector`s Comparison an index of 950 machines.

Books have always been a source of inspiration for generations of people. Carrying knowledge and wisdom, presenting a dramatic history or just facts from the gambling industry, books can widen your horizons even in the most modern times. Books will prove to be an excellent resource for poker lovers of all kind regardless the geographic boundaries or the interface for that matter.

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